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For Sale: SOLD N540VF, Fast, Clean, Light - 1223 pounds

165 knots on 9.5gph

Welcome to my website, the very first Rocket website on the internet.  It is PACKED with information.  Everything that has anything to do with N540VF's construction, flight testing, or modifications is in here.  I won't repeat it all here.  But I will hit the high points:

It's an F-1H Rocket, which is to say it began construction as a Harmon Rocket just prior to the F1 Quick Build kits being introduced, but was modified during the building process with all of the best F-1 mods, most importantly the engine mount, landing gear, and... well, everything forward of the main spar is F-1 stuff.  The best way to describe this plane is that it is a custom built, hand made F1 Rocket.

As you can read on the website, N540VF has been tweaked with the latest and best mods such as the Screaming Eagle tailwheel (better steering), modified gear legs (little or no shimmy problems), bellcrank mod (lighter elevator loads), etc. It has some nice features such as a flopper canopy (100% visibility) and a REAL rollbar (safety first), RV-4 tail (speed, with NO tail shake as with other tails), extra storage compartments (convenience), arm rests and Temperfoam cushions (comfort), and much more.

The standard wing allows greater CG range as opposed to the Evo wing which is often limited by aft CG issues.  The standard wing is also much lighter, about 70 pounds. Yes, 70 pounds!

The stock landing gear was shortened by 2" to stiffen the normally soft gear.  Also, the notoriously bad wheel alignment, very common on Rockets, was fixed.  My first set of tires lasted less than 70 hours. After fixing the gear, the second set has over 260 hours and has very little tread wear.  This is an often overlooked problem with many Rockets. 

The fuel injection system was balanced per Don Rivera's instructions (Airflow Performance, Inc.) and I run LOP regularly.  The Rocket will keep pace with the local RV's while burning about 9gph at 160knots +/-.  On several long cross country flights, my fuel burn has been the same or less than the 160HP fixed pitch RV-6 that I fly with. I have run against several other Rockets, including one that claimed to have 300HP and outran them all... so far!

Many Rockets have very limited storage space.  While building my Rocket I built in 5 storage areas into unused areas of the front cockpit.  One is a glovebox in the panel, one is a map tray under the panel, two storage compartments are under the floorboard on either side of the stick, and one is in the console just ahead of the stick.   There is also a large storage compartment in the turtledeck above the main baggage compartment.  My wife can put her entire purse in it.  There is also the standard F1 baggage compartment that is large enough for a set of golf clubs and a couple medium sized suitcases.

260HP Lycoming IO-540-C4B5 with Hartzell 2 blade dynamically balanced prop for best speed.  Last condition inspection finished Fall 2012 with all compressions 70+/80 and everything in perfect shape and ready to go.

click on the photos for a larger view

  Registration: N540VF
  Airframe Total Time: 338 Hours
  Engine/HP: 260 hp
  Engine Times: 338 SMOH
  Prop Times: 338 SNEW


  Grand Rapids Horizon Series I EFIS and EIS
with built in Grand Rapids GPS
Lift Reserve Indicator AOA
Grand Rapids 2-Axis Autopilot
Icom A200 Comm radio
PS Engineering PM501 intercom with stereo input
backup Lowrance 1000 GPS
Garmin GTX320 transponder


  Wig-wag landing light collision avoidance 
day/night VFR equipped
Cleveland brakes


  PPG base coat/ clearcoat


  Durable, dirt proof gray nylon seats with Temperfoam cushions


  This plane has been fully tweaked and is, IMHO, one of the best Rockets available anywhere.
It is one sweet ride.

Everyone wants to know how fast it goes.  Well, how much gas do you want to burn?  N540VF will flat haul the mail!  But she will also cruise along with the RVs at miserly fuel burns of around 9 GPH.  Sweet.  See below for verified data mined from my spreadsheet.

I had to dig through my spreadsheet to find data close to what you asked for. I have quite a bit of data, but most of it was collected to record temperatures and calibrations, not speed. So rather than give you meaningless speed data, I only show the data that was verified by doing 3 way GPS runs (3 different headings 120 degrees apart to cancel wind effects) at constant altitude and power settings. I don't have very many of those data sets because it is difficult to fly straight and level in this plane. It's too much fun to NOT fly straight and level. :-)


I normally fly N540VF at power settings less than 70% power and LOP for good speed and fuel economy. At 2300 RPM and 19" the fuel flow is typically 9 GPH and the speed is around 160 knots. This power setting easily keeps up with the local RV aircraft.


Full Throttle, 4500' 2650 RPM, 25.0MP, GPS average 3 way speed: 209.5 knots


Date  OAT   Altitude    RPM    Man Pres   Fuel Flow

8/9/05 105F    1500'      2300       23"            13.7 GPH ROP

mixture rich 50 degrees ROP

speed (3 way GPS average) 183knots

As you can see, this was a very hot day...105F is about 41C


Date    OAT     Altitude    RPM     Man Pres     Fuel Flow

2-5-06   45F       4500      2300        17.4           8.4GPH LOP

speed (3 way GPS average) 152 knots

mixture lean of peak


She's a good airplane.


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Thanks, Vince


Since the Rocket is now flying, the building webpages are not changing much.  New stuff posted after 10-27-04 is mostly being added here:  Additions after 10-24-04  or here, Rocket Pilot Reports: Pilot reports.html


 Crazy Horse first flight 10-08-2004

Run up

Take off


I do have a little bit of Rocket flight data to share:

ROC:                           Beyond belief!
Top Speed:                  WOOOO HOOOO! 
Roll Rate:                    Insane
Vertical Penetration:  Should be illegal

Takeoffs:      Too easy
Landings:     Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

See the movies, feel the excitement: 

Rocket loading and move.wmv My Rocket heading for the airport.

Rocket flying 10-8-04.wmv My Rocket's first flight.

Posey County Rocket Flying.wmv Loren Harmon takes me for a ride in his beautiful Rocketship.

John Meyers sent these movies of his Rocket showing off.

Somewhere Over Lo Res.wmv More Rocket flying

Hot Rocket Takeoff.wmv  Head on shot of John's Rocket taking off on a hot day.

Rocket and Roll it.wmv  The Rocket takes off and a does a few rolls.  The camera switches to the Saffire, look closely and you'll see the Rocket out front.  Then the Saffire finishes up with a nice roll.

Saffire & Rocket.wmv  Alternating footage from the Rocket and the Saffire.


Approach and Land.wmv

Magic Rocket Slide Show.wmv

I Git Around.wmv

Rocket Man.wmv

Tony Blair sent these movies of some Rocket acro.




You'd better have a big pipe... these files are huge!

10-08-04:  I felt bad..... zooming past the RV chase planes like they weren't moving... but I got over it.


Double high fives!

Tammy was happy!

Read the full report on the PIREP page 2: Pilot Reports page 2

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New stuff posted after 10-27-04 is usually being added here:  Additions after 10-24-04

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