Oshkosh 2007

Check out John Anderson's (on left) beer tapper.  Wolfgang Meyn (right) is enjoying some of the fine home brew.

 Yeah, I was there too!

Camp Flamingo, down in the UL campground.  Yes, we did have the tallest flagpole at Oshkosh... 35'.

Oshkosh 2006

Where the heck did I put the 2006 photos?  I know I took some!

Oshkosh 2005

(Aw, crap! I forgot to take photos of my own airplane as it was sitting among these fine aircraft.)

  That's all folks!


Hmmm, I found this one while browsing the EAA site.

If anyone has photos that they'd like to share, please send them to me and I'll post them here.  Thanks, Vince.

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