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The picture on the right shows Keith and Phil McCutchan in front of their GT-500 while Dan Grimm's GT-500 is landing behind them.  Am I a great photographer or what?!


Phil McCutchan and I owned this Stinson for a couple years.  It was a very nice Stinson.  Tom Ruppert owns it now.  Tom lives in Alaska.

Photos taken on 2-22-04

Older, but recent, photos


100th Anniversary of powered, controllable flight

  12-17-03: On the Centennial of powered, controllable flight, you just gotta get in the air.  Phil McCutchan (GT-500), John Crabtree (RV-6), Bud Fritchley (Cessna 172), and myself (Stinson 108) took off from Hepler airport at 9:15 a.m.  We were in the air at 9:36 for the official 100th anniversary Hepler formation flight.  "Big whoopee" was the response heard from most of my non-pilot friends...they just don't understand do they?


Back on the ground for a few pictures.  The weather cooperated beautifully today.

Good friend, Steve Steckler's  RV-8A... still waiting for his engine to be returned from the overhauler.  DOH!  He missed out on all of the fun on 12-17-03.  :-(

6-29-03: I went flying with a couple of friends in GT-500s.  I snapped a couple pics while on our way to drop a few flour bombs on a family gathering.  I can't wait for my watermelon crop to ripen.  Yes, I admit, I planted a row of watermelons in my garden just so I can toss most of them out of an airplane.  We usually use a 2 place Quicksilver as the "bomber" when delivering watermelons.  LOL!

Here's a few pics I snapped while at the Evansville Thunder airshow yesterday (6-29-03).  I followed a P-47 for takeoff after the show.  Pretty neat.  I'm sure he was taking it easy on his $$$$ engine, since I outclimbed him on takeoff.  He got to make a low pass in front of the crowd.  Funny, the tower didn't ask me to do the same!  I guess they forgot.

    Here's what you get when trying to fumble the camera, taxi a taildragger, and NOT run into a million dollar P-47.   But it is a nice clear shot of the instrument panel and my right knee.

Jim Truitt's new RV-8

  9-16-03: Jim Truitt's new RV-8 first flight pictures.  Everything went fine... except that he wouldn't let me fly it.  Hrrrmmmph!  John Crabtree is at the controls to keep the insurance company happy.  Jim is standing on the wing.


   108-3.gif (99559 bytes)          stinson.gif (473666 bytes)

Our first Stinson: Keith McCutchan and I with our big tailed, 165 hp, Stinson 108-3 at Oshkosh 1997.  We purchased the Stinson from a gentleman from Canada.  The Canadian paperwork was a nightmare.   We were actually told by a person from their Transport Ministry "to call someone who cares".  Sadly, he was the person in charge!  What an $%&^#@ idiot.   I won't be buying any more Canadian planes.....ever.   It's not worth the trouble.  The paperwork took us 4 1/2 months to complete... and no paperwork means no insurance, no insurance means no flying.

We cleverly registered it in the US as N108SV.  Of course, that's for 108 Stinson Voyager!   The local FAA office insisted that we paint over the Canadian markings, marring a previously perfect paint job.  Naturally, afterwards we have seen numerous aircraft with dual markings.  Go figure. 

The Stinson, however, is a wonderful airplane.  It has light controls, goes relatively fast, and is quite comfortable.   Easily twice the airplane that a Cessna 172 is.  I feel qualified to compare the two since I owned a C-172 at the same time.

We had it for 2+ years.  Had a blast with it.  But I had the urge to build another plane so we sold it to a gent up near South Bend.  I missed it so much that I bought the one shown above.

Bob Japundza's RV-6

Bob Japundza's RV-6 with Keith Schlageter's RV-8 in the background.  Taken on the return flight from Dana Overall's fly-in at Richmond, KY on 2-28-04


Steve Steckler's RV-8

Me flying Steve's RV-8.  Woohoo!

EAA Chapter 21 fly-in, May 26, 2001

  John at fly-in.jpg (271822 bytes)  Military RV-8.jpg (256574 bytes)  John's cockpit RV.jpg (206840 bytes)  military RV8 cockpit.jpg (208759 bytes)  RV flyin.jpg (259432 bytes)

  3planes.gif (351961 bytes)

The scanned photos above show my RV-4, Chief Pontiac, N94VF.  It took me from 1987 to 1994 to build it.  Powered by a Lycoming O-320-E3D with a Warnke wood prop it would pop along at 196 mph on 7.5 gph.  What a great plane.   It lives in New Hampshire now.  I hope the new owner has as much fun with it as I did.

The center shot is John Crabtree's beautiful RV-6.

The bottom shot is Steve Steckler's scratch built Bakeng Duce.  Another beauty, it came dangerously close to taking home an award at Oshkosh after it's debut appearance.  Steve is now flying his new RV-8a shown above.

John Crabtree's RV-6, taken from Steve Steckler's RV-8 over Mount Vernon, IN on 1-15-03.  Am I a great photographer or what?

n227jc.jpg (29798 bytes)     

John Crabtree's RV-6, taken from Chris May's RV-4 over Owensboro, KY on 4-22-00.   John's RV is powered by a Lycoming O-320, 160 hp, with a Sensenich metal prop.   John's typical post-flight comment: "These are great airplanes!"

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