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Les Featherston's Rebel's Bluff visit July 5, 2004

My family dropped in on Les Featherston at Rebel's Bluff on July 5, 2004.  Les's Rocket is wearing a new paint job that is just plain eye-popping gorgeous.  The pictures don't do it justice.

Even though the weather was hotter than blazes, Les patiently gave everyone a ride.  My son's girlfriend, Emily Walter, got to ride in the old Aeronca Champ and the Rocket.  I asked her which one she liked best and she said "Oh wow, the Rocket was totally cool."  Praise like that is hard to beat!!!

Les let me wiggle the stick in the back seat and offered much good advice on flying techniques.  I am much indebted to Les for his guidance.  (Tom Martin and Harry Paine are also on this list!  Thanks to all of you great guys.)

The only downside to going to visit Les was that it made me REALLY, REALLY want to get my Rocket finished!!!!


Les Featherston's Rebel's Bluff Fly-In April 26, 2003

Les Featherston and his Champ

Above, some of the 50 flying machines of all types that made it to the fly-in.  Look closely at the second picture, Gary Rodger's RV-3 has just turned on the smoke for a little showing off.  Altogether the flying machine count was 50, including a powered parachute and a helicopter.  RV's had 23 representatives and there was 1 Rocket present.

  Tom Martin and John Crabtree just prior to John's first Rocket ride.  John had this to say about the Rocket's acceleration on takeoff:  " !@%$#^*& "  I suppose that means he was impressed!

Les had a great fly-in. If you weren't there you really missed a rare treat.  Les had his church serve lunch which consisted of giant softball sized BBQ sandwiches (YUM!) and all the fixin's to go with them.  Dinner was at Les's beautiful home on the bluff above the airport.  Dinner was steak, BBQ chicken, and grilled salmon ... awesome. We even had breakfast the next morning sitting in the sun of Les's sunporch. Very nice indeed.

Rebel's Bluff airport lies between a lovely little river (or big creek) and a curving bluff.  The curving runway and trees alongside make for an interesting, but easy, right hand pattern for runway 12 or a left hand pattern for runway 30.  Several intrepid aviators and their wives were camped next to the creek under the trees.  They fearlessly braved snapping turtles, deer, and coyotes during the evening.  John Crabtree and I weren't quite so fearless and stayed in the local motel. 

Flyin highlights included parachute jumpers, powered parachute and helicopter demos, a little showing off by a few of the RVs, airplane rides for just about everyone.  Les (brave guy!) even let me fly his Champ around with him in the back.  I don't know if he had his eyes closed during my landing, but I did!  LOL.  We made it in one piece and could even use the plane again afterwards. 

On behalf of about 200 guests and pilots, Thanks go to Les for a great weekend!  Vince

Tom Martin had this to say: This past weekend, for me, defined why I fly a Rocket. Les Featherston hosted a flyin at his strip, Rebel's Bluff, and it provided me with a perfect weekend of flying.  Rebel's Bluff, MO, is 700nm from our farm in Canada and the Rocket made it possible to do this in 3.7 hours of flight. 

There is something about gliding over the landscape at 9500 feet and 200 knots that lightens the heart. Les, and his wife Linda, were the perfect hosts.  Their property is beautiful, the curved runway a delight, and their neighbors came out in full force to welcome visitors.  This is a property that is a only a dream for most plane owners and I highly recommend that you put this place on your map and attend next years flyin.  I would like to note, however, that there needs to be more than one Rocket next year!  Well done Les and Linda. Tom Martin

Tom Martin's Canadian Sunset Fly-In June 22, 2002

Once again, Tom Martin's fly-in party was stupendous! And once again the weather was beautiful, and the food and drink were absolutely top notch.  

Some of the highlights from this years fly-in were the drilling contest, the spud gun shootout, and, of course, the ride I got in Tom's Rocket.

The object of the drilling contest was to drill 3 holes 3" apart and in a straight line using only your eyeball for reference.   It was immediately obvious that most contestants had no idea how long 3" are.  It was quite a sight as most holes were less than 2" apart. 

My undefeated streak at Tom's contest came to an abrupt end when two ladies stepped up and put the men to shame.  The winner (I forgot her name) mentioned that her hobby was sewing.  Those seamstresses know their stuff!

The pneumatic spud gun that Terry Jantzi brought was quite a hit with the crowd.  Tom had a target, Osama Bin Spudden or a similar character, stapled to his picnic table which was 100 yards away in the bean field.  Before everything was over, Osama looked like mashed potatoes.  I sure hope Terry posts the plans for that spud gun on his site!

The other activities included gawking at the planes, a golf chipping contest, eating, drinking, telling lies, sitting around the campfire, and, of course, FLYING.

I was going to ride in the van with Tom while the others flew over to St. Thomas for fuel.  Tom changed his mind and decided to take his new Rocket.  Wooo hoo!!!! I got another Rocket ride.  Although brief, since St. Thomas airport is within walking distance at only 1 1/2 miles away, the ride was quite exhilarating.  Tom must have hit some of the RV's turbulence because we somehow managed to be upside down temporarily.

Here's a few pics....

What you see while holding on for dear life.

I saw this posted at the St. Thomas airport.  Sexsmith Social Events????  No, I'm not gonna even guess what that group does for fun.

Waiting for U.S. Customs to arrive.  We have to pay to get back in our own country.  What's up with that?

Here's another place I visited while on this trip.  Orville and Wilbur Wright's home and workshop in Dearborn, Michigan.   Dearborn, Michigan?  Yeah, it's in Greenfield Village next to the Henry Ford museum.  Henry Ford moved the buildings there years ago from their original location, Dayton, OH.

Also in Greenfield Village are Edison's laboratories, one of Edison's power plants, and dozens of historically significant buildings of the late 1800's/early 1900's.  Very cool stuff, and very well maintained.

The Ford museum is a great museum. It has industrial items ranging from the "Allegheny", a monstrous steam locomotive that would chew up and spit out any diesel locomotive you've ever seen and the "Dymaxium" an all aluminum house proposed by Beech aircraft shortly after WWII.  The museum is packed with steam engines, cars, planes, machinery of all kinds and even the Oscar Mayer weinermobile.  How cool is that?   I highly recommend a visit to the museum and village.

Speedway Airport October 28, 2001

The Indianapolis RV Air Force gathered at Speedway airport for a group photo.  I think they had 26 RVs gathered on the ramp, including at least two Harmon Rockets.

grpphoto.jpg (96887 bytes)

Oshkosh 2001

Oshkosh 2001 was a great time.  There was good weather and plenty of activity in the RV and Rocket tents.  The interest in the F-1 kits was very strong and Mark was smiling most of the week. 

I was there most of the week and  was privileged to talk to several Rocketeers.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  Ha ha ha, that Lancair photo below just cracks me up.

Lancair portalets.jpg (86496 bytes) Exxon Tiger.jpg (195139 bytes)

yellow HRII.jpg (59404 bytes)

Here's a FAT RV-4.  Dang, this was what I was really after when I decided to build the Rocket.  No, I'm not planning on changing now, but when I started out on this adventure all I really wanted was an RV-4 with a wider cockpit.   I even quizzed Mark and John about putting an O-320 on the Rocket airframe. 

This RV-4M was built by Joe Meyer of Duncan, British Columbia.   He did a fantastic job as you can see in the photos.  I would have taken more pics if the batteries in my camera hadn't died while getting these.  I had a shot of the nose, but it's lost into digispace somewhere due to low batteries.  Dang.

Joe says it flies just like an RV-4.  Cool.  It's also for sale.... $78,000.  I don't know if that is US or Canadian dollars.  Call 1-250-746-7395.

The last photo is a shot of an RV-4, Wild Horses.  I really like his paint scheme.

N366JH.jpg (57861 bytes)

Here's a few miscellaneous shots... the aileron access holes on the F-1, a canopy vent installation, a dorsal fin and some funny little elevator root fairings.... a speed mod????  You tell me, I don't know.

aileron access holes.jpg (183884 bytes)

Here's a few shots of the F-1 display aircraft and the F-1 tent.   Enjoy.

yellow F1 nose.jpg (206080 bytes)

team rocket tent.jpg (222916 bytes) F1 Parts.jpg (248210 bytes) QB interior.jpg (217185 bytes) F1 QB.jpg (200184 bytes)

Tom Martin's Canadian Sunset Fly-In June 23, 2001

Tom Martin's fly-in party was stupendous, the best weekend I've had since OSH last year. The weather was beautiful, the food and drink were absolutely top notch.   RV-4 and 2-time HR-II builder Tom Martin was kind enough to host a RV/Rocket campout at his farm which is only about 1 mile from St. Thomas airport in Ontario, Canada. Of the 18 RV's/Rockets that arrived, there were many Indiana RV's in addition to Mark Frederick's HR-II from Texas. We also had a good attendance from the Ontario Wing.  Oh yeah, AND I got to go for my FIRST ROCKET ride in the back of Tom Martin's brand new Harmon Rocket II.  It just doesn't get any better than that!!! 

John Crabtree and I flew up from Evansville, IN in John's RV-6.   We stayed at my parents house in Jackson, MI overnight  and flew to the London airshow on Saturday morning.  Unbeknownst to us, the rest of the Indy RV group was in St. Thomas chowing down on grilled burgers and brats.  We wondered why we didn't see any other RVs at London.  It turns out that the Indy group drove (drove?) up from St. Thomas to the London airshow and we never did bump into them.   They must have left immediately after Ken Fowler's fabulous Harmon Rocket airshow as they were all at the St. Thomas airport when we arrived.

John and I had barely exited the RV-6  at the St. Thomas airport when everyone began putting the RVs and Rockets away for the night.  I really felt let down since I thought I might have missed a good opportunity to snag a ride in one of the Rockets.   Not to worry, Mark Frederick and Tom Martin soon had me smiling with their promise of a ride the next morning.

John and I wandered around checking out the RVs on the flightline and marveling at the 15 (or more) PZL Dromader spray planes on the ramp.... what beasts! 

Soon it was time to head for Tom's house a mile north of the airport for a tour of Tom's 3rd generation farm and their seed business.  Upon arrival we quickly found a trough full of iced down Canadian beer and sodas in the yard and drained as many as possible.  All that flying really works up a thirst.

Next Tom gave us a tour of his workshop and then invited everyone to try their hand at driving a rivet.... an 1/8" round head in a piece of thin (0.020") angle. This combination of large rivet and thin material is a challenge to even the best riveter. We had over a dozen bona fide, certified, aircraft craftsmen in the room so we should've had over a dozen bona fide, certified perfect rivets.... right?   WRONG!!!  It just goes to show how finely tuned we are to our own tools. Well, there were a few passable rivets, and several ghastly screw-ups that would have looked awful even on a MIG-15. Sorry, I'm not going to name any names... I'll just say that some of the pathetic examples of squashed aluminum might have been caused by nameless individuals who kept turning the air pressure regulator up and down during the contest.   Some people will do anything to win!!! Sheesh. Not me ;-)

We all had to sign our work.  Tom had a prize for the winner and I was fortunate enough to VANquish the competition.... yeah, I cheated. When I saw how much trouble everyone was having, I cut off my rivet slightly short so it would drive more quickly, then I stopped as soon as I saw the metal begin to stretch. A little skill, a little luck... and now I've got a new , very nice folding chair with a cool Canadian Maple leaf on it! Thanks Tom! We're definitely doing the same contest when our EAA chapter visits my project next month.   Hmmm, I wonder where I can get a chair like that with a US flag?

After our sides quit hurting from laughing at each others rivets, Tom and his lovely wife Diane, were cooking again and charcoaled steaks with potato salad, slaw, and rolls were soon in front of us.  And if that wasn't enough, Diane was soon serving up fresh strawberries and ice cream.   Heck, my wife doesn't treat me that good!

After more beers and many airplane lies, Tom built a bonfire in his side yard overlooking the wheat fields and woods and we sat around and lied some more before retiring.   It's a great way to meet great new friends and learn a ton of new airplane info.

Next morning we launched for a local fly-in breakfast at Reese's Corners, Ontario where we were guests of honor.  The fly-in was a cancer benefit fund-raiser complete with a car and motorcycle show next to the planes.  Very cool.

Tom Martin let me ride in the back seat of his brand new Harmon Rocket II on the way to the pancake breakfast and I must say it was everything I had hoped.  My RV-4 was a great airplane, but I think the Rocket beats it hands down. WOW!!!! Did I say that?  On the way to Reese's Corners, I did notice that several of the RVs, and even Tom's Rocket, were very susceptible to turbulence.  The doggone things just wouldn't stay right side up.  ;-) 

The Rocket takeoff was just what I have heard... rapid, like tromping the accelerator in a Corvette.  And a great rate of climb, just like you'd expect.  The plane seemed much more solid in the air than my RV-4.  I suppose the slightly longer tail and the higher wing loading are responsible for that.   It seemed more stable in pitch than my RV-4 also, but, in fairness, the air was smooth that morning (except for the turbulence that kept flipping us 360 around a point).

The 6 cylinder provides a smooth, low rumble much different than the 4 bangers.  Tom's MicroVision engine monitor was showing 22" MP, at about 2200 RPM and just over 10GPH, if I recall correctly, as we kept pace with the other RVs at about 180+mph.  At 3500' with a new engine, I don't know if Tom was leaning the fuel or not.

After breakfast, it was on to Port Huron to clear customs, where we sat in the cockpits of the 8 RVs and Rockets until the U.S. Customs agent arrived exactly on time.  We had been warned not to screw around as the agents are dead serious about their business, but everything went fine.  The agent said that he had forgotten his receipt book, so none of the 8 planes were able to purchase the $25 customs sticker.  Oh darn.  I guess he figured they'd already bled enough pilots this year.  Anyway, we were soon on our way home. 

Total time for an RV-6 ride from Port Huron, MI to Evansville, IN is 2 hours and 30 minutes...try that in your Oldsmobile.

Those attending were: John Crabtree RV6 with Vince Frazier HRII under construction aboard, Wayne Ray RV6. And oh yes Wayne and his copilot, paint scheme and the udders, milk pail and stool he puts on 9999P had 'em all rolling and many pictures were taken by the local press so Wayne is a celebrity now, Jim Winings RV4, Randy Planzer and son Ross RV6, Tom McCord RV4, Bob Japundza RV6. Mark Frederick and his HRII from Austin Texas, Are Barstad RV8, Loretto Ont., Gordon Baxter RV6, Kitchner Ont., Rick West RV4, Sarnia Ont., Ed Das RV8 Strathroy Ont., Jeff Stokes RV6 Dover Centre Ont., Glen McClarity RV8, Bramton Ont., Charlie Douma RV8 Bramton Ont., And Tom Martin's new, looking for paint HRII. Wander if Tom will win another 1st place at Osh with this one. Tom and his friend, Terry Jantzi, are heading to Austin to pick up 3 more F1s to build. 

When it was all said and done, Tom Martin provided hangar space, cars, airshow tickets and VIP parking passes, grilled burgers and brats for lunch, charcoaled steaks for supper, and fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert! We all felt like royalty!  And I finally got to ride in a Rocket!!!   What a great weekend.     Vince Frazier

group photo at Tom Martins.jpg (446551 bytes) c-gexu at st thomas.jpg (44838 bytes) glen mclarty at st thomas.jpg (50740 bytes) indy rv formation.jpg (13182 bytes)

indy rv formation taxi.jpg (52688 bytes) mark f at st thomas.jpg (177763 bytes) mark f riveting.jpg (108190 bytes) rick west at st thomas.jpg (58124 bytes)

rvs at st thomas.jpg (32895 bytes) rvs at st.thomas.jpg (56673 bytes)  terry jantzi riveting 2.jpg (104014 bytes)

 terry jantzi riveting.jpg (109516 bytes) tom martins new HRII.jpg (112106 bytes) Tom Martins HR rear view.jpg (52351 bytes) Tom Martin front cockpit.jpg (58207 bytes)

Tom Martin HRII footwell.jpg (53062 bytes) Tom Martin HRII rear cockpit.jpg (60957 bytes) Tom Martin inst panel.jpg (62074 bytes) Tom Martin top rear baggage.jpg (52962 bytes)

tom u at st thomas.jpg (56959 bytes) waynes rv6.jpg (31957 bytes)waynes RV-6 cow.jpg (81214 bytes) waynes cow mascot.jpg (64806 bytes)

EAA Bakersfield Chapter # 71 Fly-Inn June 2, 2001

Click on the thumbnails below to view a full size image

HRII 1.jpg (77395 bytes) HRII 2.jpg (72275 bytes)  HRII 3.jpg (74038 bytes)  HRII 4.jpg (75536 bytes) HRII 5.jpg (85504 bytes) HRII 17.jpg (68155 bytes) HRII 7.jpg (77432 bytes) HRII 8.jpg (71101 bytes)  HRII 9.jpg (72185 bytes) HRII 18.jpg (72250 bytes) HRII 11.jpg (74164 bytes) HRII 12.jpg (81047 bytes) HRII 13.jpg (92844 bytes)  HRII 14.jpg (101537 bytes) HRII 15.jpg (102037 bytes) HRII 16.jpg (58923 bytes) HRII 6.jpg (74789 bytes) HRII 19.jpg (70586 bytes) HRII 25.jpg (78757 bytes) HRII 20.jpg (63889 bytes) HRII 23.jpg (69838 bytes) HRII 24.jpg (62468 bytes) HRII 22.jpg (70358 bytes)

John Harmon's new HRIII
gobs of horsepower, single place, and a very short wing.

HRIII 1.jpg (72115 bytes)  HRIII 2.jpg (73213 bytes)  HRIII 3.jpg (70232 bytes)

      “Beyond Total Performance”   

Span........................................20’                      Fuel Capacity......................47 Gal

Length......................................21’6”                 Seats..................................1

Height......................................5’6”                    Power Lyc IO-540 ............ 400HP@2900Rpm

Wing area................................99Sq Ft               Propeller..............................Hartzell 78”  3 Blade

Empty Weight.........................1080Lbs              Cruise Speed 75%................260 MPH

Gross Weight..........................1800Lbs              Econ. Cruise 55%.................230 MPH

Useful Load.............................720Lbs               Redline.................................310 MPH

Power Loading........................4.5Lbs/Hp           Stall………………………..58 MPH

Wing Loading..........................18 Lbs/Sq Ft       Rate of Climb S/L.................3600 FPM

2000 So. Union Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93307
(661) 836-1028
Fax (661)836-1743

A couple of fast RV-4's at Bakersfield

mean green RV-4.jpg (68896 bytes)  RV4 fastback.jpg (86871 bytes) 

I can just say it was an Rocket/RV fest... I think there were over 20 Rockets in attendance and plenty of nice RV4's and RV6's.... Of course, there was a real cool Tailwind W10 there too (mine) :) You should have seen Mean Green's RV4... It looks like a "Mini Rocket" and the fit, finish, and appointments are absolutely gorgeous. He is going to have a lot of fun with that airplane. First guy I ever met that has a 10 disk CD changer with a remote so you don't have to mess with disks all the time.

The BBQ was $10 bucks... A great spicy Rib Eye steak with all the salad and stuff along with a soda. Outback catered the food and it was GREAT!

The weather was perfect, not terribly hot like it had been just a day or two before. The building they threw the BBQ in had "Misters" (things that have a mist of water squirting like a thin vapor from them) running across the door openings (like 50 foot door openings) on each end of the building creating kind of an air conditioned feeling without the expense.

John Harmon gave a few rides and also showed off the Rocket III.  It's still in the final stages of electrical, plumbing, and baffling but it's painted and on the gear. It looks great with the 3 blade simitar prop on it. I'm sure it will blow us all away one of these days.. Single place Hot Rod with 380 horsepower. I'm certain the performance will be nothing short of SPECTACULAR.

So, that's about it....Lots of very nice airplanes to look at, some very good food and in general just a fine casual day with a bunch of builder/pilots showing how nice you can make these things look and fly.     Fred Weaver

Here is a partial list of planes that were spied at the fly-in.  I can't guarantee 100% accuracy, but it's close.  I try to give credit where credit is due... these guys certainly deserve credit for hard work, perseverance, and craftsmanship.

N771BD     Ed McGinity,  blue, white, white pants
N96B          Ron Bracken,  white, lt blue, yellow
N977M      Mike Reed,  red, purple, white stripe
N737RD    Alpha Aviation unfinished,  tan cowl
N84A         G B Moss,  blue, white, gold trim
N888GR    Gary Rudolph,  white, blue, gold trim
N62HR      Nathan Hawkins,  red, white
N280          Gary Mussen,  white, blue stripes
N36CR      Craig Reiner,  white, red, black
N230RC    Ron Carter,  red, silver, black, white
N230A       Dave Anders,  white, red, fastest RV4, Check out:
N59ES       Emery Spangler,  red, white, black stripe
N39TB      Tim Barnes,  green, white, Mean Green
N50GR     Gary Banducci,  red, white
N287AW   Ray Myers,  white, blue

EAA Chapter 49   Rockets
Shamelessly lifted from

N49ML.gif (69063 bytes)   fixed windshield.gif (51875 bytes)   cockpit fixed windshield.gif (78392 bytes) Dave Lamb's Harmon Rocket
Yeah Baby! Check out that fixed front windshield and custom rollbar.

N42HR.gif (62238 bytes)  John Harmon's Rocket II,  the one that started all this Rocket II mania! 

N485DB.gif (60509 bytes)  Dave B's Harmon Rocket I,  an RV-3 on steroids?  Cool.

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