Weight and Balance:

Here's a spreadsheet to calculate your W&B: F-1Hwtbal.xls

The max fwd CG is with full fuel & bubba Pilot at 220 lbs sets the CG at 1" aft of the fwd limit. (88.7 vs 86.7 limit). Looks like our min pilot weight is about 115 lbs (using Eric Hansen's weight data).
A 250 lb pilot would have a CG of 94.5".

Start with EW @1231#@ 86.6"
Fwd limit is 87.7
aft limit is 97.4

Bobby's ship weighed 1259 with 12 qts oil, with 56 lb on the tailwheel.

Weight and balance for F-1 #8, N144X, empty weight with 12 qts of oil, paint, 5 CDs in the pit, and full IFR is 1246. I have 57 pounds on the tail in the level attitude.   John said he did one just the other day that topped 1300.    Ouch!

Rocket 42HR has A tail weight of 18 # and I don't remember sticking the prop in the dirt.  I have flown at least 15 different rockets with varying tail weights. The ones that are under 40# seem to land and track OK.  2 of the planes had tail weights of 55-65# and the tail seemed to want to get out front.  The planes that were under 30# landed easier and track straighter. John  *end of comment*

I have received sample data that shows an HR II with CG limits to be: Fwd: 86.7 & Aft: 97.4 measured in inches from 'datum' 80 inches forward of the wing leading edge. This is the data supplied by John Harmon for the HR2, and we will use the same data for the F1. I've flown mine aft of the limit, and it's controllable, but somewhat strange. Now, as John calls out the fuel at sta 90, and as you will most likely be flying with the CG aft of that figure, the CG will shift aft as you burn fuel.  *end of comment*

I just finished getting the weights on this Rocket (number 2). The empty weight is 1173 lbs with 33 lbs of that on the tail. This one is 11 lbs heavier than my last plane. I had really tried to keep the weight down during construction but this plane has some extras: lights, rear rudder pedals, and extra storage. Darn, I wanted all that stuff and less weight... The good news is that this engine bench tested 267hp vs 260 for the other plane so my lbs/hp actually went down. I should be starting the engine next week, final inspection to follow.   Tom Martin    *end of comment*

I did my weight and balance on Rocket #3 today. It came in at 1196 lbs without paint, all other equipment installed. Based on my two HRIIs this plane is about 35lbs heavier. When you take away the extra weight of the three blade prop, 20lbs, and some misc equipment the F1 is about 12 lbs heavier than an HRII with the same equipment. The tail weight of the F1 was 54 lbs as compared with 30 and 35 lbs for my HRIIs. I have not yet done the C of G calculations but based on the prop is should be more forward. Included is a pic of the plane on the scales in a level attitude in the shop, the tail is up a long ways... The wheel pants had been weighed before this picture was taken and are included in the above empty weight. My inspection is booked later this month.  Tom Martin   *end of comment*

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